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Letter from the Editor

      Matching Mentor is part blog, part Webzine … the idea came out of a discussion between two married friends, who also happened to be “matching advisers”.

      In sharing about the experience of advising their single friends and peers, they came to the conclusion that there just wasn’t enough encouragement, information and support for single Unificationists who are looking to get matched. Of course there are plenty of outside resources regarding relationship advice as well as a bombardment of dating advice websites, books and blogs… but really nothing that specifically speaks to the unification faith, and the unique experience of parent matching. Sure there is the good old reliable “Matching Handbook”… and although we value the input, love and encouragement from our parents and elders, it’s just not the same as getting advice from those who have first-handedly been through the parent-matching process themselves.

      Parent matching is still in many ways a new thing in our faith. While vast improvements have been made to the overall process, there are still many things we can learn and improve upon.  While the contributing writers of Matching Mentor are all young blessed (married) unificationists, we each took a unique path to our matching and blessing.  We are here to share our advice and opinions… and most importantly, our stories and experiences… which will include both victories and mistakes. We hope that by sharing this, you can be able to navigate the matching process more smoothly. The goal is that once you do find that person you will love eternally, that you can look back on this time with happy thoughts; looking back on it as a journey that you grew from and found happiness with.

      Each week we will post a short article or testimony. Some of the opinions and stories expressed will not be what you expect. Some may speak to you more than others. Our hope is that each post will speak to at least one person… because we are all on a unique path. And each week we will post a question from you, our readers, and give a variety of advice and input. And every once in awhile, we will give the floor to an experienced 1st gen matching adviser. After all, we can all agree that the matching is a family affair, and being able to communicate to your parents is a key part to the success of your matching!

      We hope that those of you who are just beginning this matching journey can use this site as an extra guide to make your journey just a little bit easier. And for those of you who have been on this journey for longer than you care to admit…. we hope this will offer you the hope and inspiration to keep the faith and not give up.

With that said, here’s to your journey!

~Matching Mentor

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