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Our Values

Our Mission Statement

Matching Mentor is a blog dedicated to creating matching-related advice for young adult Unificationists: from figuring out who you are and what’s important in a relationship, to finding a spouse through the matching process and navigating the early relationship stages. Our advice is tailored to members and affiliates of the Unification faith but we strive to create content that is relevant for anyone who wants a loving and lasting marriage.

We define the “matching” to be…

A wholesome and respectful courtship process through which mature men and women, who uphold the traditions and values of the Unification faith, are guided and supported by family and friends in finding a spouse with the intention of receiving the Blessing* and building a family centered on God.

We promote…

… the traditions and values of the Unification faith as taught by Reverend Sun Myung Moon*.

… the Blessing as a universal sacrament. All people have the right to be part of God’s family.

… the matching as a way for Unificationists to include God in the process of finding an eternal spouse and ultimately receiving the Blessing.

… a cooperative matching process in which mature young adults work together with family and friends to build an effective personalized process.

… an open mind for the many paths we all take in our matching processes as well as in the journey of life.

… honesty and openness in all stages of the process… with ourselves, with family and friends, and with our potential spouse.

… taking responsibility and seeking professional counseling for major psychological and family issues.

… working on becoming happy and whole before seeking the matching.

…creating a positive image of the matching process inside and outside of the Unification community. 

We do NOT promote…

…noncommittally “trying someone out.”

…bringing addictions into a relationship

….coercion, manipulation, or control – whether by parents, prospective matches, or community members.

…ostracizing community members whose opinions or choices may differ from our own.

* Blessing (Holy Marriage Blessing) : Marriage ceremony of the Unification faith established by Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

* Reverend Sun Myung Moon : Founder of the Unification Church and Movement.

One comment on “Our Values

  1. Anonymous
    March 4, 2014

    I love this ‘About us’ page. Very clear, welcoming, and respectful. Nicely done. -Kester W

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