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wendy fiala

Wendy Fiala is originally from Kodiak, Alaska, spent some years schooling in California, working in NYC for Carp, and most recently lives in Berkeley California with her new husband/fiancé Justin. She is passionate about music – singing/song writing, good strong coffee, and experimenting with new places, ideas, and classes. She’s happy to share whatever she discovers, and occasionally writes about these discoveries on her personal blog :

Having navigated the matching process at the age of 26 and as a previously blessed individual, she especially wants to contribute to this blog to offer support  the many others in a similar situation.

Three things I believe:

1. Life is short, …so buy that airplane ticket right now.

2. Happiness is your decision. It always has been, it always will be. Why wait to decide?

3. Never have any regrets. Acknowledge that all the decisions you’ve ever made were based on the knowledge/experience you had when making them, and that you will always learn…never stop learning from them all. Then, you will never regret but be grateful for those life lessons in disguise.

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